Biomac SRL

Founder Stefan Hermansson envisioned making the most of Argentina’s vast opportunities in the agricultural sector focusing on frozen organic and conventional fruits and vegetables. In 2002, he formed Biomac SRL to bring those products to the global market.
During our first years we worked hard to establish long-term relationships with both growers and customers, who like ourselves, are committed to these practices and ethics.

Today we are experiencing tangible growth. As proof of our strong commitment to increase our quality, service and reliability, we are constructing a new processing and storage facility for frozen fruits and vegetables.


To add value to Argentina by providing global customers food that is grown in safe, healthful, sustainable ways. At Biomac, all of our business practices support the enrichment of people and nature conservation.


To become a dependable, relevant supplier of frozen fruits and vegetables, both organic and conventional, to the world market; to supply superior products using only certifiable practices, with a sustainable development policy that is respectful of nature.

Our Plant

Biomac has two manufacturing plants to process frozen fruits and vegetables in Argentina. We are also associated with other plants from Argentina, Chile and Peru. This allows the company to supply our customers with bigger volumes and with all kind of fruits and vegetables from South America.

Our Team

We are a group of young professionals with a vocation for healthy living,
commitment to sustainable development and the ability to provide
Argentina, South America and the world with healthy, natural and safe food.

  • Stefan Hermansson

Stefan Hermansson

Managing Director

  • Eduardo Pinto

    Eduardo Pinto

    Exports Manager

  • Agustina Ruiz

    Agustina Ruiz

    Domestic Sales

  • Santiago Cabral

    Santiago Cabral

    Marketing Manager

  • Eduardo Pinto

    Silvia Vázquez


  • Alejandra Borsani

    Alejandra Borsani


  • <Vicenta Morakes

    Vicenta Morales


  • Eduardo Pinto

    Juan Seghezzo


  • Belen Bilich

    Belén Bilich

    Logistics Manager

  • Santiago Bianco

    Santiago Bianco


  • Diego Gentile

    Diego Gentile

    Supply Chain

  • Eduardo Pinto

    Rodrigo Juárez


Commercial Team

Lucas Barranco
Maria Rodriguez
Trinidad Seoane Cabral
Carlos Brave
Magdalena Lafontaine

Quality Assurance Team

Martin Marrocco
Ludmila Golischevsky

Resale Team

Agustina Ruiz
Nathalie Handley
Emilia Zurita
María Rodríguez

Communication Team

Carolina Kiryk
Anibal Barone

Administration Team

Alejandra Borsani
Yésica Dalpra
Benjamin Buchanan

CSR commitment

Biomac addition to complying with its legal obligations assumed by the commitment to make effective and positive contributions to their environment. Therefore, we collaborate with the Fundación Grupo Educativo María de Guadalupe and promote support also by customers,
suppliers and our stakeholders.

Infomación de Contacto

Av. Juan Domingo Perón 2920,
Las Tunas, 1617, General Pacheco, Arg. +54(911)5056-0445


Our Mission

Through a well rounded education, give children from low-income backgrounds the tools they need to reach their full potential and become adults capable of achieving their
personal projects in life, making our world a better place and eliminating poverty as an obstacle to success.

The Context

We work in the neighborhood of Las Tunas in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, which has a population of low income families mostly living in precarious houses.
Approximately 10.000 are children and show very low levels of literacy. This brings about unstable jobs. Contamination of Las Tunas stream, which floods continually, and
malnutrition are big problems that affect.


Our Fundaments

– 8 hs school day
– Personalized education with 24 students per class
– Constant teacher training programs
– Use of technology in the learning process
– Education in values
– Constant work with the families

We have built a model based on a public-private partnership that can be replicated nationwide

Government Funds: the Province of Buenos Aires guarantees the salary for teachers, social workers and the leadership team, making the project sustainable.
Private Investment: donors and sponsors support the construction of the building and teacher training programs.
Families: are strongly committed to their children’s education and contribute with a monthly fee (non-excluding).
Accomplished dreams through the years: we started in March 2012 with the ground floor building and 144 students from 1st to 3rd grade. In 2015 we completed the Primary School with 288 students from 1st to 6th grade and built a kitchen and dining facilities.
March 2012 / January 2013 / March 2015

Our Next Challenge

The opening of the secondary school 2016

Our efforts to make a difference in the future of our students wouldn’t be really successful unless they can complete the Secondary School Education with the necessary skills and ready to get a job. In 2016 we will start with 144 from 1st to 3rd year.