Our Farmers

At Biomac we foster long-term relationships with our farmers over many years to develop the special attention to details required to achieve the highest standards of conformance for our products.
Because we personally know and work with our growers to achieve this, our Quality Assurance staff regularly consults with them to ensure they grow our fruits, vegetables, and seeds in compliance with and according to our clients’ requirements.
This dedication to supporting our grower relations as a critical aspect of our mutual business success, ensures a stable and reliable growing base which also has resulted in recruiting new growers to both our conventional and organic supplier programs.
  • Frutilla
  • Arándano
  • Frambuesa
  • Mora
  • Maracuyá
  • mango
  • Lúcuma
  • Frutos Rojos
  • Piña
  • Banana
  • Kiwi
  • Durazno
  • Pera

Frutilla (Convencional y orgánico)



  • Camarosa
  • Aroma


  • Chica
  • Mediana
  • Grande


  • Cajas de13,6 KGS


  • IQF, Enteras, grado A
  • IQF, Enteras, grado B
  • IQF, Mitades
  • IQF, Cubos
  • Block

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